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X Factor contestant Rachel Adedeji: Follow The DJ (video)

X Factor contestant Rachel Adedeji: Follow The DJ (video)
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  • Updated: 20 Mar, 2011

X Factor contestant Rachel Adedeji left the competition half way through in 2009. While Joe McElderry and Olly Murs have both released solo albums, Rachel will be the first female of her year to bring out solo material.

She’s gone for a somewhat generic autotuned dance sound, however the video is visually appealing and could determine if the track will have any traction on the charts.

Follow The DJ‘ is out March 2011.


  • ross1989

    It may not be the most original track out there but I still love it! for an independent release it sounds really professional. fingers crossed it does better than laura whites single… although that did pretty well for a independent single as well!

  • Jay

    Really nice tune. X factor contestants seem to come out with expected and this certainly isnt that. Big tune!!

  • Aaron

    I really like this, autotune has begun to grate on the ears now… but I could listen to this over and over again. Waiting until March will be hard :\

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