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Watch: Britney Spears premieres full ‘Perfume’ video

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  • Updated: 10 Dec, 2013

Britney’s been teasing her ‘Perfume‘ video for a few days now, and there’s also been some mild controversy from director Joseph Kahn, who used his Twitter account to take a mild dig at the final cut. He wrote: ‘Cut is EXTREMELY diff. Don’t get me wrong. Official cut is still cool, I think. Just love my original edit. But I’m a director so…’ and then, ‘Once again I like the official cut. Directors always like their own cut better. Brit is great & it was a positive experience.’

Britney’s ‘Britney Jean’ album needs all the help it can get at the moment, so let’s hope Kahn’s preferred version surfaces soon. Here’s what we’re getting for now, anyway:



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