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Watch: Azealia Banks – Harlem Shake (video)

Watch: Azealia Banks – Harlem Shake (video)
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  • Updated: 16 Feb, 2013

Azealia Banks flaunts her new weave in the video for her version of ‘Harlem Shake‘. The original track was created by Baauer.

Doing the ‘Harlem Shake’ is the latest phenomenon to hit the internet and was originally started by five kids from Australia. Thousands of videos have since been created by other users who replicate their dance moves. Unfortunately, Azealia’s version doesn’t follow this viral format.

However, in true Azealia Banks style, this release does come with two controversies. The first one from the producer Baauer who didn’t want her to use his track. And secondly, Azealia has reignited her feud with Perez Hilton and called him a faggot once more. More about her anti-gay slurs over at Spin.



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