WAPS interviews Ke$ha: “It’s a magical unicorn whale…”

WAPS interviews Ke$ha: “It’s a magical unicorn whale…”

Kesha at her debut London show at Centro

Kesha at her debut London show at Centro

Ke$ha’s in town, bitches!

WAPS was lucky enough to catch ‘TiK ToK’ singer Ke$ha at her London showcase yesterday, and she kindly found time afterwards to sit down and have a chat with us. Delightful!

Read on to find out about her forthcoming debut album, what she thinks of P Diddy and Flo Rida, and what her Halloween costume of choice is. Loving your work, Ke$ha.

WAPS: Hi Ke$ha, first things first – excellent gig this week.

Ke$ha: I had so much fun, thank you for coming!

W: It was our pleasure. You’re also supporting Calvin Harris during this visit, aren’t you?

K: I am. I’m playing again with him again tonight [at London’s Forum] but then I have to go back to the states to finish my record.

W: Any plans to collaborate with Calvin?

K: I hope so, I would love to – this record is pretty much almost done but I’d love for him to do a remix, or something for the next record.

W: Calvin does give good remix.

K: Oh yeah.

W: We also spotted you in Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’ video. Are you two friends, then?

K:  Totally, we were actually friends from before she was successful. We just knew each other from being out and about and we worked with some of the same people in Los Angeles.

W: Nice. So, we were listening to the tracks on MySpace and they seemed more poppy than your live show, which was a bit more rocky and full on. What can we expect from your debut album?

K:  Well I definitely think with the live show, I wanted it be rowdy and really fun, and hopefully dance-inducing. I think the whole record has a bit of a rock edge because it’s pretty rowdy [as well], and y’know, the lyrics are pretty straightforward…

W: They really are!

K: Haha. I think that gives it a bit of a rock edge but it’s definitely an electropop, dancey, magic kinda sound.

W: So no ballads then?

K: There might be one or two, but I wanna keep…even if it is a slower song it’ll still have that four-on-the-floor to keep the heads moving.

W: Cool. On ‘TiK ToK’ you sound like a little bit of a wild child – what’s the last outrageous thing you did?

K: Well last night I did have seven trannies join me on stage. That might classify as something outrageous from the last 24 hours. I’m totally interested in the tranny lifestyle.

W: Mmm, glitter.

K: I do love glitter.

W: So apart from trannies what inspires you?

K: Honestly? I get it from everything and anything – you can get inspired from certain people you meet, guys, girls…like ‘Backstabber’ is about a girl who stabbed me in the back, ‘Dinosaur’ is about this old guy hitting on me, ‘TiK ToK’ was written about a really epic, fun night out with all my friends. You know, across the board, I think there’s a pop song in pretty much anything.

W: Did you actually work with P Diddy or did he just record a cameo for ‘Tik Tok’?

K: He just did a cameo on the song but I met him and he was a total sweetheart, which was weird ‘cause I thought he was going to be intimidating and he was the nicest guy ever.

W: Interesting! So if you were going to a desert island and you could take either P Diddy or Flo Rida, who would you take and why? (Ke$ha is the voice of Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’.)

K: Haha. I don’t know, they’re both great for different things. Er…I’d probably take Diddy because I’ve spent less time with him. He’d definitely have some interesting stories to tell.

W: Good answer. And which female artists do you rate at the moment? We heard you’re not into ‘vanilla’ pop.

K: No, I’m not.  Let’s see, I love Beyonce. I think she’s the classiest woman on the planet. I really like Lily Allen – she’s rad. I like Katy Perry, I’m really happy for her success.

W: Are we going to get a Katy ‘n’ Ke$ha duet?

K: Who knows? Anything could happen!


W: You should totally do it. How did your collaboration with Taio Cruz come about [on Cruz’s album track ‘Dirty Picture’]?

K: He actually came to me, he heard my record and seemed intrigued and wanted me to get on ‘Dirty Picture’ so I ended up writing on it and recorded it pretty recently. I love the song and I think his sound is amazing. He’s a total babe.

W: Aww. So when is your record going to be released?

K: It’s probably going to be the very beginning of next year ‘cause I have to finish it up in the next few weeks.

W: And the next single after ‘TiK ToK’?

K: I don’t know! I have so many choices. I have all these choices, from some of the songs last night [at the showcase] to a few that I’m finishing up in the studio, we have a lot of choice. A lot of good ones. The whole record’s gonna be really good!

W: Ace.  Halloween is coming up, are you going to dress up?

K: Absolutely. I’m gonna be a narwhal.

W: You’re going to be a what?!

K: A narwhal! It’s a magical unicorn whale…

W: Uh-huh…

K: And it actually totally exists! People think I’ve made it up but it’s my favourite animal. It’s like (she’s getting animated now, readers) a unicorn of the sea! I’m going to be a golden narwhal. So I’m gonna have a big long…it’s the whale with the big long horn, y’know what I’m talking about?

W: We think we saw one in Futurama once.

K: You should totally Google it, they’re real.

W: We will! Are you performing this Halloween?

K: I am. I’m going to miss it over here [in the UK] though.

W: Oh they do it much better over in America anyway.

K: Yeah, I was [in the UK] for one Halloween and there weren’t that many people dressed up, I was surprised.

W: We’re a bit rubbish like that. We’ll try and make a narwhal costume in time for the weekend! Thanks for chatting to us and we look forward to your next visit, Ke$ha!

K: Of course! Thanks for coming to the show. See ya!

Check Ke$ha on MySpace.

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