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Video: Robyn performs ‘Dancing On My Own’ in amusement park

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  • Updated: 07 Jun, 2010

%tag robyn 489x366 Video: Robyn performs Dancing On My Own in amusement park


Robyn delivered an intensely literal performance of ‘Dancing On My Own’ at Sweden’s Sommartoppen event this weekend, at one point knocking her mic over – possibly in frustration at the unresponsive audience in front of her. There aren’t many pop stars who perform with this conviction, and the fact that Robyn can do it under such odd circumstances is all the more impressive.

%tag 0 Video: Robyn performs Dancing On My Own in amusement park

Dancing On My Own‘ is taken from Robyn’s new album ‘Body Talk’, released on June 14th.  You can see the official video here.


  • OrlanXx

    Have you seen the music video?!?! that move she did… was a part of the choreography… she just hit the mic accidentaly… i don’t think she was angry because of the unresponsive audience…

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