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Video: Marina And The Diamonds ‘State Of Dreaming’

Video: Marina And The Diamonds ‘State Of Dreaming’
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  • Updated: 03 Mar, 2013

Well about flipping time – Marina has finally released a video for ‘State of Dreaming‘, undoubtedly one of our favourite tracks from the ‘Electra Heart’ album. Our heroine performs the mournful yet stirring tune amid a simple backdrop of pillars and drapes, not unlike an old abandoned movie set (though it is in fact the same set featured in her ‘Wedding Bells‘ short from last December.)

As the song gains power, the visuals switch from monochrome to technicolour – check it out below:

‘State Of Dreaming’ is the ninth video from Marina and the Diamonds’ ongoing ‘Electra Heart’ series.


  • Michael J Parsons

    This girl is much better than first thought

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