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Video: Details on debut Kimberley Walsh album ‘Centre Stage’

Video: Details on debut Kimberley Walsh album ‘Centre Stage’
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  • Updated: 13 Dec, 2012

While her Girls Aloud bandmates have largely stuck with pop for their solo careers, Kimberley Walsh is defiantly standing by her first love: musical theatre. After wowing audiences with her turn as Princess Fiona in Shrek The Musical, Walsh has now recorded an album of classic musical numbers such as ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ from Moulin Rouge.

We think this would have benefited quite nicely from a Christmas release, but presumably the Girls Aloud comeback put paid to that. Anyway – ‘Centre Stage‘ will be available from February 4th, and a behind-the-scenes from the album photoshoot has just been released:


  • popslags

    I think she’d struggle admits all the Christmas releases. She’s right to go with February, so people will take note.

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