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Toni Braxton: Not Enough (Woman) – new song

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  • Updated: 23 Oct, 2009
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Yesterday, the new single by Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton has realised that sticking to what you’re good at, will give her the best chance of making a proper comeback. Here’s a new track called ‘Not Enough (Woman)‘, a big empowering pop ballad.

%tag 0 Toni Braxton: Not Enough (Woman)   new song


  • robin

    i think this song was originally sung by delta goodrem ! nothing new here :-)

  • LH1991

    Delta’s versions better even tho Toni is amazing.

  • Scoot

    Yeah this is originally Delta Goodrem’s song. Delta’s is sooo much better! Toni Braxton sounds like a man here!! Will you post Delta’s too! Or some of her other stuff! Thanks

  • DMAN

    Deltas version was horrid Toni’s is so amazing!

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