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Somewhat unexpected by Michelle Williams – the one from Destiny’s Child

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  • Updated: 12 Sep, 2009
Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

After witnessing Freemasons breathe life into Kelly Rowland’s ‘Work’ and Beyonce’s entire ‘B’day’ project Beyonce / Shakira’s ‘Beautiful Liar’, Michelle Williams has wisely decided to release a record that simply starts life as a pop/dance bonanza. No fannying about with watered down R&B for her.

We’ll just ignore the two gospel albums shall we? *tumbleweed*

Yes! Praise the Lord! On third set ‘Unexpected’ (appropriate title etc) Williams has put down the Bible and embraced the dance floor.  Out go the sandals and in come the pink stilettos. But enough about WAPS LOL.

Lead single ‘We Break the Dawn’ is produced by Wayne Wilkins (Natasha Bedingfield, Delta Goodrem, Leona Lewis plus –EEK! – Nicole Sherzinger and Mutya Buena) and Andrew Frampton (Steps, Kylie and a billion others.)

We Break the Dawn’ is a melancholy yet funky call to arms in which Michelle could be singing about the end of a big night out, or the end of a relationship.  It bobs along on simple but effective synth lines and Michelle’s restrained vocal. She could teach Kelly and Beyonce Castle a thing or two about quality tunes.

Just to be on the safe side they’ve given it a big old dance remix as well, so as not to frighten any passing homosexuals. But enough about WAPS LOL.

Also on Michelle’s MySpace is a snippet of the StarGate produced ‘Stop This Car‘.

Listen to both tracks on Michelle’s MySpace page .

‘Unexpected’ is scheduled for August 12 2008 (US date).

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