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Shakira records World Cup song: Saminamina

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  • Updated: 20 Mar, 2011

Perhaps it’s a little early to get hyped up about this summer’s FIFA World Cup in South Africa, but rest assured WAPS will only be covering the music side of things.

First up with a World Cup 2010 song is Shakira, who will also perform at the opening ceremony on June 10th alongside Black Eyed Peas and Alicia Keys.

After closing the 2006 World Cup with a performance of ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, Shakira is back in the football fold with the Spanish-language ‘Saminamina‘. The track’s African influences can be heard through the sample of  ‘Zangalewa‘, a Camaroonian song from the 80s. Check it out below:

YouTube Preview Image


  • Shaki

    Saminamina – Good song and lyrics, but music is boring.

  • Ahmadou Ndoung

    Go Shakira, Zangalewa of Cameroon are inspirational. Good song and see you in SA

  • Karl

    Saminamina was also used by a band from the dominican republic named “las chicas del can” they made the song famous in the 80’s as well and shakira is now ripping it off. I think latin america has WAAAY better artists than shakira.


    gooooooooooood song, i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song

  • xtra

    I love u babe always

  • joan

    old African lyrics thouhg but great remix thus splendid song, good work. i love it.

  • hudha

    i like argentina and my friend sara also!

  • ekome

    the song is so wanderful and i believe is one of the highest selling cassette in this world cup i love it

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