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Rihanna unveils single artwork for ‘Rude Boy’

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  • Updated: 20 Mar, 2011

Rude Boy - the new single by Rihanna

The next single to be released from Rihanna‘s ‘Rated R’ will be ‘Rude Boy‘, expected February 8th. This will be the second single in the UK and the third in the US (‘Hard‘ was a North American-only single).

Here at WAPS, we’re digging the new song. And as it’s about sex, the single cover is quite fitting, wouldn’t you agree?
YouTube Preview Image


  • Aaron

    NO! I really loved the video to Hard and wanted it on my iPod :'( Why shouldn’t it be released in the UK? The same happened with Shakira where a better song was released in the US

  • Silvan

    It’s a good video, but the song ‘Hard’ is probably a bit too urban for mainstream UK and big Urban fans, wouldn’t buy Rihanna’s music, so they realised it wouldn’t do much in this market.

    Give It Up To Me by Shakira, was a great track though. But I don’t think that song was meant to be on her album (it was Timbaland’s song for Shock Value II after all), but her US label probably pushed Timbaland to allow her to include it…

  • Gaz@NokiaMusic

    What a tragedy, Hard is a far better single… though it’s a good ploy for collectors such as myself.

  • jawahir

    i think the songe i lke was rihanna and she is good at xxxxxxxxxxxkiss

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