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Preview Ke$ha’s new album ‘Warrior’ (album snippets)

Preview Ke$ha’s new album ‘Warrior’ (album snippets)
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  • Updated: 22 Nov, 2012

Ke$ha‘s second album Warrior will be out December 3rd. The album is preceeded by lead single ‘Die Young‘, while ‘C’Mom‘ serves as the first promotional single. A second promotional single will be released on the 23rd November and a third one on the 30th.

Earlier this week Kesha spoke about the new album on the Today Show:

“It was really important for me on this record to sing, cause I really can sing”.

When autotune was mentioned she continued with:

“I got bumped out when I heard that. So I really wanted to show that I can sing. It’s one of the few things I can do.”

So without further ado, take a listen to the short preview snippets of her new album Warrior, which sound remarkably fine without all the auto tune.


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