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Pop Kitty crawls the web: new leaks from Madonna, 90210 and Brandy & Monica

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  • Updated: 13 Sep, 2009

{mosimage}Kitty has been away for a bit – but she’s back, back, BACK! Did you miss her? She missed you.
Here are the latest headlines from the pop blogosphere:

10 years ago, Madonna recorded a cover of Abba’s ‘Like an Angel Passing Through my Room’ with the brilliant William Orbit.
This sounds great in theory, but it never made the cut during the ‘Ray of Light/Music’ era – and perhaps for a reason. Some kind soul has finally let it out of the bag, but we’re sad to report that it actually is just a tad underwhelming. [Hard Candy Music] Fun for fans though:

Beverly Hills 90210 has a very belated follow-up series, simply entitled ‘90210’.  Imaginative, eh? Shannon Doherty (Brenda) and Jennie Garth (Kelly) will be returning to the halls of West Beverly Hills High…presumably as teachers. [Pop Crunch]

More news on Brandy’s comeback album. It’s called ‘Human’. We want another ‘Never Say Never’, or ‘What About Us’ please. FYI, new buzz track ‘Right Here’ is very promising indeed. [Rap Up]

…and speaking of Brandy, Monica (the other one from ‘The Boy Is Mine’) is trying to claw her way back into the spotlight as well.  As always, she’s failing to quite keep up with Brandy – it’s a bit too street, and street is over. It’s all about electro R&B these days, innit.  Well, it certainly is at WAPS towers, anyway. [Hard Candy Music]