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New Madonna leaks: Little Girl and Set The Right

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  • Updated: 17 Jan, 2012

We’d started to think that the endless stream of Madonna leaks had come to an end, but no!

Here are two new leaks, Little Girl and Set The Right. ‘Little Girl’ was recorded during 2000’s Music-era with William Orbit, while ‘Set The Right’ was clearly recorded with Mirwais during 2003’s American Life sessions.

Little Girl is a lovely mellow number about Madge’s future advice for daughter Lourdes. Set The Right isn’t quite as good, given that it’s packed full of M’s awkward lyrical cliches. There’s just a few years between the two songs, but they capably illustrate the period where Madonna moved away from singing about her own feelings and – rather tediously – edged towards her observations on the world and religion.


  • somebody

    I personally like American life album a lot, then I like “Set The Right” more than the other track.

  • Mario

    I agree with somebody.
    I find the whole “I drink soy-lattes, I do pilates, but everything is just f***ed up” phase pretty entertaining and cool.