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New boyband time: The Wanted

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  • Updated: 20 Mar, 2011

We recently discussed the possibility of boybands taking over again. You may have been one of the people who laughed at us. Here’s yet another one, anyway: ‘The Wanted‘.

Despite being intense and pretty (The Wanted, not us), we somehow doubt that JLS are losing any sleep.

They have some song clips on their Facebook page if you’re interested.

Updates: The Wanted have premiered their first video ‘All Time Low‘.

The Wanted


  • Sally

    Was MAX is that Flop boyband “AVENUE”?
    Dont like their image and their tracks arent that good,so maybe 3 rd time lucky or try the X FACTOR again…………..oh you cant you have management

  • Levi

    OUCHHHHH i bet that really hurt their feelings!!!! Hmmmm no maybe not! I think someone needs a hug???

  • Sm1thy

    Omg! They are actually dreadful!! I just saw the video on 4music, I thought it was a joke or something! lol

  • Antonia

    I Also Just Saw Their Video On 4music And I Think They Are So Good! They’re Not Dreadful At All. I Think That They Are Really Brilliant Singers And Are Obviously Good Enough To Make It Onto 4music. Whereas Many Artists Are Still In Pubs And Clubs Trying To Make It.

  • shuma

    just heard and saw their new video, not my type but not too bad. They r kind of cute though!

  • sarah

    THEY ARNT DREADFUL THEY ARE AMAZING!!! they are brillent singers and they can really make it i think :D x LOVE YOU GUYS

  • kirsty ireson

    aww they aree amazing tbh they cudd get far wid their singing x and i swear all of ermm ammmm poeeeeeeeeee haha x xx x x x i think al the girls wud like to see them on the screen everyday i knw i wwud hahah x love u guys xx

  • Cassie

    Just saw the video to “All time low” and it seriously sucks, the lyrics make no sense the signing is beyond flat and the music is just dreadful. The guys aren’t all that cute and they can’t even dance, they look like a cheap uncoordinated version of JLS.

  • kirsten aitken

    i thought they were great <3 and omg theyre pretty god dam fit :P xxx

  • Sarah :)

    Omg :O I love them i just listened to their song on chart show tv and loved them :D :D

  • http://??.com sam. :}

    THEY ARE AMAZING! Phwoar ;)

  • Rachel

    I think they are okay actually, but nothing new.
    Where are all the original artists? They all just sound the same now.
    But, yeah. I think ‘all time low’ is a pretty good song. XD
    Hi everyone. :P <3 x

  • Georgia

    I dont think they are dreadful at all I saw their video for All Time Low on 4music today and it’s brilliant!
    I’ve been listening to the song ever since, you guys are awesome and pretty fit aswell :)

  • [[SEN10R]]

    these guys are awesome , stop hating . when people hear “boyband” they automatically think theyre gay or terrible artists or just pretty boys , wtf ? i like their song “all time low”

  • Miami Girl

    That Nathan guy is in my 6th form! well he’s in year 12. Never spoken to him, just seen him around.
    But their pretty good

  • Silvan

    pretty good looking ;-) Well, Siva and Max.

  • cupcake


  • Bambiie

    i accterly love them to bit nathan is soooo peng love him i accerly love the wanted they are my fav band in the world they are really good and eny who thinks differnt is just stupied x

  • vickie

    OMG !!!! …..i litturally love them they are the best thing iv herd……they are all extreamly fitt !!!!…….i love them boys soo much……there songs are great !!!!……xxxx

  • elly and samm


  • yasmineeee

    they are amazing, i adore this band! BRING MORE SONGS OUT!

  • Aysha

    They Are Soo Awesome! And Omg Tom Parker Looks A Bit Like Austin Dragee In The Video! Oooofftt Pengg :D

  • alice

    are you deaf and blind???
    theyre amazing and i love them

  • Becci

    omg these are amazing i love all time low its is a proper tune (8) and if u listen to the lyrics they do make sense… ive listen to it so many times now cant wait for the next song and hopefully they go on tour :D xx

  • sanam

    i personaaly think they are ok lol
    way better than jls and their song does make sense to me
    they all have beautiful voices

  • tia

    i think there amazing! and there going to go faaar :) Jaay+Tom+Nathan+Max+Sivaaa <3

  • danni

    their amazing! i love them (L)(L)(L)

  • Lauren

    i just heard one of their songs and i just had to google them they’re HOT!

  • karla

    omg the are so amazing they are the best boy band ever lol
    i actually gonna love all the songs they gonna made jls WATCH there is a hot new boy band !! XXXXXXXXX

  • Tom

    lol. Are you male?

  • mevv

    they are amazing love themm xxx

  • Chloee

    I think there amazing i dont manly like boybands the only boybands i like realy is JLS but i think these are great and all preety good looking two :) <3

  • Ellie

    Oh for goodness sakes, they are not as bad as that awful band; JLS. I must admit, first time I watched them on TV I thought they were utter bullcrap. Throughout time I grew to like them. Considering that I only really listen to; Indie Rock, Rock and Roll, Folk and Brit Pop. And I do worry for this generation’s music as it has no proper melody and the lyrics are meaningless….

    On the plus side, The Wanted’s lyrics are not as bad. They are clearly talented and ‘Catchy’, not to mention being attractive. Unlike JLS, they do not look ‘rehearsed’ and feminine. They seem to give the impression that they are more fun and youthful, even though they are uncoordinated. Also have better meanings to their songs, instead of getting anything to rhyme the previous line.

    When JLS was in X-Factor, I thought they were going to be pretty good. However they seem to be awful and fake, but what really buggs me is how they got so famous. I was flabbergasted that a majority of us Britain’s have tasteless sense in music.

    Anyway, as I clearly stated before, ‘The Wanted’ is not really my usual cup of tea, however they are not bad at all. That’s for a Boy Band, in a weird way they are catchy etc.

    So just give them a chance, like you gave JLS a chance. They are not Shit, they are just merely a ‘popy’ boy band.

  • Megan

    Omg I thout tom looked like Austin too!!! There identical!!! =P

  • lolo

    Great another Gay Boy Band, cause we havent had enough of them -.-

  • Louise

    I’ve just heard them on 4music so felt the need to google them…. 1 word: AWFUL!

    I don’t think they will be big stars!
    If this is the future of music, I choose to be deaf!

  • Louise

    PMSL … I agree :)

  • Sabrina

    I personally think they will be huge :D ! .. its only their first song i mean look at JLS and that shoddy ‘Beat Again’ !! ,, They have amazing personalities and they love their fans … they seriously have TALENT ! I LOOOVVVEEE THEEEMMMM !! <3

  • Cloey

    I think they are amazing! Soo cute aswell…Better than JLS tbh…I think they will make it big! :) (L) <3

  • alice sykes

    oommmmgg i love them so much and nathan …… im gunna marry hiim ;))

  • LISA

    well i think there cool and can i have lead singer for xmas pleaaaaaaase uhm x

  • Beth

    omg, how gorgeous is the lead singer? NOMNOM!
    and i think there song ‘all time low’ is ded good! saw there song and thought it was brilliant, although it was a bit short! and then i thought they could have all been gay? are they? i hope not! the lead singer would be really good because of his looks:) whoever said there awful you need your ears tested! good saying there new!:D xxxx

  • Clo xx

    I just Saw the video on 4 music and they were awesome! :)

  • charlotte

    i love this song? and they are good looking aswell, tbh i thin they’ll go pretty far if they carry on recording songs :) xxx

  • aleciaa

    well have to say they are a very good band for being in the charts keep up the good work lads :) got to say very good looking boys aswell ,which makes you even better :) hope you hear more of then x

  • ella

    they amazing , and well fit :)

    but who is who ? xxxxx


  • Nuttynetballer

    I think they are talented but need something to seperate them from every other band group out there…for instance JLS and Take That.
    But to be fair i absaloutly loved the lyrics and the song was original and catchy. :)

  • nasim

    me too. i will love to have him for my birthday :)

  • Demi

    This gruop is actually good at first i thought they didnt have a chance but now i love them i carnt stop listening to their song ‘all time low’,, keep it up guys xx

  • Jade

    aww babes i love you xx :p :0

  • nicole

    Can i justt say thatt thiss commentin board is to encouragee the wanted nott insult there singing tbh i would like to see all yous that aree slaggin them off to go on xfactor or summet an give it a try yourr selfs. If thats what they wanna do then leave them to it if you cant say anything nice then dont say anything atall. By the way wanted i <3 youu !!

  • Sally

    They are shit and they were put together want GAY Wanna be manager Ashley Tober(The guy who tried to FIX the X Factor with that boyband AVENUE?Where are they now??On the dole………
    This is yet another boyband from him,So I wonder why and wasnt their 2 other boybands out their years ago called MOST WANTED.At they were cute young and fresh and their tracks were great.
    BUT THE WANTED? Rename the “UNWANTED” They are CRAP.

  • Dayna

    a love this band, they are actual amazing man!
    ugh, i want tom and nathan for christmas, yum<3!

  • kirsty

    I love this band… for one they are from my own country so YAY! and second… I can’t see why ppl are slagging them of, they’ve released 1 SONG!! at least give them a far chance and second, why do they have to be compared to JLS, ok so maybe they are both from Britain, but I believe their style is totally different, The wanted, seem to want the lyrics to have meaning, which I understood for their song :) and JLS like the rhyming type… Do we have the right to crisis them really?? They are doing what they love… shouldn’t we just except that and move on… :S Sorry if this offends anyone, but I really see no reason in it :) x

  • Laurraa

    wtf?! i dont get all these negative comments if uu dnt like em then dont comment… n not being funny like buut ive been brought up around music n trust me they aint flaat.. i think you need to learn the meaning of flat, if uu dnt like theyre music thn fair enuff buut they aint flaat.. n yeaah they rnt reet good dancers but the looks n vocals make up for thaat!

  • Abbie

    I love this band i think they are sooooo brilliant there music is epic and there god damn fit as……speshliiii the lead singer… wow……love the shaved look :P xox

  • Simone XxxX

    I love these guys. I’ve got my whole class going nutts over them and cuz of them wednesdays are better than the weekends. btw when is there next song coming out cuz my dads getting tired of me blaring the same song out over and over. I just CANT wait !!!!!!

    soz xxxxxxx

  • chloe

    STAAAZZZ (L) <3

  • laura

    its siva btw :L (L)(L)(L)(L) !!! and HES MINE ! :D <3

  • chan

    I think they’re a really talented group (they have amazing voices)-by far better than jls…their dress sense is spot on!

  • hello

    wow! these guys are dabomb. love u guys. good work. keep it up!

  • AMY

    i am in a band called ‘The Wanted’ and chose the name years ago, now we have to change our names because of this new boy band. There wasnt anyone of that name when we formed a couple of years ago! Now we have to change all of our posters, business cards and dvds!!!

  • A Person.

    oh my daiiz how can you say JLS are bad. They’re awsome!. || I can’t believe all of that stuff bout JLS tbh :O.

    i <3 the wanted && JLS (: <3

  • Demi

    The Wanted Aree Fine! x <3

  • Kayy

    Excuseee me wah u on aboutt JLS aree the hottest band The wanted siings olden dayys songs !!!!
    Siiva iis hot (L)

  • iWantTheWanted!

    Gay is a good thing, so yes i agree :D

  • Cat

    We were in London recently and happened to catch these guys on the television. We came home and pulled up their website and have watched the video over and over again. Catchy tune and cute video (even if it is a little cheesy). We hope to see more of these guys in the states.

  • sammi

    i love the wanted :) they are so good and they have amazing voices :D love you guys xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Charli Parsons

    i have been backstage with the wanted :D 26th june never gonna forget it ever! cant believe it actually happened! check out my video and all my pictures! gonna treasure the moment forever!! I LOVE THE WANTED :D everyone follow them :D!! xxxxxxx

  • laura

    you are i really good band can’t wait for the song to come out i will be buying your cd’. i like tom parker is fit and max george and siva kaneswaran is so fit. i have heard your song and it was brilltant so i am going to get in. love from laura from tamworth

  • Kelcey Bourne

    The Wanted came to my school ( Alderman Blaxill) and played a few songs. When i heard the song on the television i had to watch it. I then got to exciteed because i have met someone famous for the first time ever. They are awsomee :) xxx

  • mangasisters

    i love jay he is so cute
    i love his hair
    so cute
    aghhh (x100)

  • 88888


  • sexayy 123

    ofttt they are fuckinn fit all … xx loveyuhh guyzz seaxay phowarrr

  • the wanted lover xxxxxx

    i love love love nathan he is like so fit fit fit and totaally hot xxxxxxxx how old iz he people xxxxxxx ?????? loves you nathan

  • the wanted lover xxxxxx

    :D loves you nathan how old is he ? xxxxx <3

  • Katie

    O.M.G I Lovee The Wanted So Fuckin Much …
    Theyy Aree Soo Fuckinn FITT ¬¬_¬¬

  • th wanted lover

    yh ii know there are so fuckin fit as fuck lol but bathan is the fitest :) xxxx loves you all but i have a fav lool xxxxxxxxx

  • chloe

    u should not be swearing on a website lol

  • Name (required)

    whats the guy with the baldish head called??xxxx

  • Georgiaa

    you were amazing tonight at mercedes benz world <3 i love youu all (: xxx

  • hannah maher

    OMGGG, nobody knows much i atullay love the wanted<3! THERE BETTER THEN JUSTUN BIEBER! all of them are GORGEOUS, and they are all fab singers! HOW DO YOU GET UP FROM AN ALL TIME LOW?
    i cant even find a place to start, how do i choose between my head ans heart<3?
    offt , i l-l-l-LOVE them , will you all marry mee<3, I LOVE THE WANTEDDDDDDDDDDDDD<33!

  • kayleigh

    the wanted came to are school

  • kayleigh edwards

    is it chloe im kayleigh edwards

  • Katee

    ii love the wanted. (L)

  • gabrielle

    i love the wanted so much and 2 of the people from the group are so hot:)

  • zoe

    how old are they all? x

  • Paiton X

    these guys are soo amazing i love them soo much there all really hott X lovee youu :)) <3

  • marnie x

    omg i love u guy’s ur so awsome i luv nathan + tom ur well sexiiiii ;) im lyk ur biggest fan lol

  • marnie

    in no yer dats wt i sed lol :)

  • daniela

    i lovo very much max and savi they sexy beautifuls

  • Charlotte Ward

    OMG!!!! i love the wanted they are the hottest boy band ever and oh there new song all time low is in my head 24.7 its amazong
    love you the wanted xxxxxxxx :)

  • missy

    did they? are they good aparently they are coming to ours?:S :) xxx

  • Chlooe Adelaiide (:

    You Camee Too My School And I Got Kisses And Hugs From You All XD.
    Nathan I Nicked Your Hat Lol. :K
    Tom Kissed Mee :) Likee Thanks x
    AllTimeeLow Lovvin You .
    Nathan = 17 Me 15 . ;’)

  • anita

    i love the new boy band they are so hot

  • susan.

    the wanted? soo diffent more unique i guess. :)
    not wannabe’s they seem themselves. + i watched some of the videos are yous guys funny i was LOL’n the whole time. :D just keep doing what your doing because you have certainly wow’d me! :) i haven’t got a favourite; you all seeeem rather sweet! :D ‘ you might here this alot? but i accc love yous. :)
    id love to be a singer, how brilliant would it be knowin you have the satisfaction knowin you have like 1O million people going nutss. :o
    lovin it? :D little request.. wanna hit belfast? id be in the front row obv. :D

  • alex

    omg i love them more they came 2 our school they where amazin xxx :) love u aall

  • shannon

    omgosh your soo hott makes my bf look like harry potter omg loveing the hair guys gorjuss

  • Tay

    Hey guys!

    I have an exclusive nightclub gig with The Wanted performing live, check this link out.!/event.php?eid=138632412833018&ref=ts

  • shaunii & amall

    talk about phowarrr!!
    we jizzed in our pants mateee
    NATHAN is a sex god!!!
    what are there names ?!
    much love for the wanted
    <3 <3 <3

  • alliie


  • sophie xx

    OMG Max went to my high school a couple of years back when he was in avenue and ive still got the signed autograph :D loveeee youuu maxxx :) i think your amazinggg :) xxxxxxxx

  • ashe

    sing wonderfully cute
    continue grabbing more music
    I love The Wanted
    are the most
    I’m from Argentina and I fell in love with you re! :)

    I will wait your next video;)

    my mail is

    good bye! :)

  • Emma

    The wanted performed at ilkeston school(my school:-0)today they were brilliant.we got autographs,pens,wallets and got to take photos.they are a great boyband and hope to see more of them in the future…..<3<3<3<3

  • TheWantedFanXXxxXX!!

    send a comment back!!!!

  • hana

    omg i really love them .they are sooo cute they look like modles i hope they will gonne be better than jls cuz they can sing n @ same time they r so so sexy hoottt… hopefully one day one of them will gonne date me…luv u all

  • aliyyat

    the wanted are soooooooooooo cool no wonder they have soo many good coments jls better watch out

  • amy

    i love them proper boss jay is just to fit :) :D xxx

  • lewis

    JLS out the wanted are in they are sooo much better than JLS :-)

  • hana

    ya u right man….

  • aniisa parker

    omg the wanted r soo awsum nd they hve cute members in de group buh TOM PARKER iiz sooo peng nd cute

    i love u TOM PARKER <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • sophia :)

    first ever boy band to have all the members hot ;)
    i love there new song. i soo want a poster for my wall. hope they have more songs soon. i willl defo be coming to any concerts they have.xx

  • sarah

    ommg dey r soo fit n i luv dey music the boy wiv bold head ily xxxx

  • georgia

    dear james is peggy riley your couison?

  • zagel

    i love the wanted because thay have nice vouse and i like man is max and i like there dance and that is why i like the wanted boy band

  • x ammie x

    siva and jay i love yhs and jls youse are so cool and i love yous so much xxxxxx

  • Hayley Rouse


  • claire louise

    i love the wanted there exellent singers i love jay and to others in the band from there stunning good looks lol i love them so much an im there biggst fan ever

  • Chloee McLean

    The Wanted i luv yu guys sooo much was @ in:demand LIVE on the 31st July yuus were ther and omg yuus arr stunnnniN <3<3<3:D:D:D

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