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MEG: Precious (J-Pop)

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  • Updated: 08 Feb, 2009
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Meg's precious

Nothing seemed to have happened over the weekend. Boring. And as WAPS  happens to be in Japan for the next two weeks, we’ve decided to enlighten you on the joys of J-Pop (yes, that’s Japanese pop).

First up to grab our attention is 28-year old MEG from Hiroshima (not to be confused with the Italian Meg). The artwork and video for her single ‘Precious’ utilises kuroko, a style of Japanese puppetry using stagehands dressed all in black to manipulate characters and stage props (a technique also used by Scissor Sisters in the ‘She’s My Man’ video).

Anyway, it’s an upbeat electro song, and like most things Japanese, it’s very cute. We’re not sure what the song is about, but make sure you watch the bit around 02:35 mark to see some (really annoyed) cats getting in on the kuroko action.

Sayonara little pop slags!
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