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Listen to the new JLS single: ‘The Club Is Alive’

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  • Updated: 19 May, 2010
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The first single from JLS‘ second album has arrived.

The Club Is Alive‘, which takes its hook from the famous Sound of Music signature tune, has divided fan opinion.

Some think the song contains too much autotune, while others are unsure of the Sound of Music reference (which didn’t exactly work out for Gwen Stefani when she tried the same thing on ‘Wind It Up‘.)

What do you make of it?

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  • aaron

    As with most JLS songs, this is awful. The production is pretty good, but bloody hell, the lyrics are some of the worst I have ever heard. In the first minute, I cringed 4 times!!!!

  • Jodie

    If you don’t like JLS songs then why did you listen to this one, why don’t you listen to songs you do like and not listen to ones you dont and not slag them off.

  • aisha

    any one who slags jls can fuck off and die cas they’re my boyz

  • Amelia

    I love dis song. i’s differ! They’re so fit! So glad aston’s grown his hair back. Hmmm

  • lollipop

    too flipping right

  • xelliex

    Hi lolli love u

  • lollipop

    hiay elzypops luv you so much im gunna breakxxx

  • xelliex

    Ahhh :) luv u babe

  • sav

    you are all so dumb.Astons mine.i so love Aston

  • lollipop

    love you and savvy you are the dumbest because i love aston and if i dont see his face everyday ill faint xxx luv yas all only sav xelliex
    luv ya see you at school 2moz

  • xelliex

    Ahhh Astons mine :) so he’s 2 timing. luv uallxxxx

  • sav

    i hate you lollipop you are so dumb aston is so mine.i love him he is so fit

  • xelliex

    k c u soon xxx

  • lollipop

    biya boojimaflip savvy hate you face it he’s mine

  • jennypennykenny

    oh my gosh i just love all of your sinning i wish i can gome and sing with u

  • Hafza

    Foc u Aston Is MIne So All Of U can Kiss My Ass

  • grant wales

    hiya i wont new song of jls new 1 out i not no wont it called i wont it on my phone can u send me a email all the new songs out

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