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Listen to Eros Ramazzotti & Nicole Scherzinger duet ‘Fino all’estasi’

Listen to Eros Ramazzotti & Nicole Scherzinger duet ‘Fino all’estasi’

Nicole Scherzinger is having a summer fling with Italian crooner Eros Ramazzotti. The two have released a duet in Italian/English titled ‘Fino all’estasi‘ (translates as ‘To Ecstasy‘) as well as a Spanglish version ‘Hasta El Éxtasis’.

The duet is featured on Eros’ new album ‘Noi’, which is released today (13th November), while we’re still waiting for more concrete plans around Nicole’s second album.

Listen to ‘Fino all’estasi’ by Nicole Scherzinger and Eros Ramazzotti

Listen to ‘Hasta El Éxtasis’ by Nicole Scherzinger and Eros Ramazzotti

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Music news

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