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Listen to Cher’s new single ‘Woman’s World’ in full

Listen to Cher’s new single ‘Woman’s World’ in full
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  • Updated: 22 Nov, 2012

Cher tweeted earlier today ‘Happy Thanksgiving !‘ and included a link to her website where you can listen to her brand new single ‘Woman’s World‘. The club banger will be released on Monday (US) and will be the first single off her upcoming album.

The 66-year old star tweeted:

when I started singing it I thought about strong Famous Women….Then I Thought “fk That””THIS IS A WOMAN’S WORLD” We’re All Strong ! MEN 2 !

Nite ! It’s been a busy day 4 me ! Hope this was fun for you ! I loved giving it to you FIRST !!

At first it’s slightly weird hearing a 66-year-old singing they’re “I’m dancin’ solo / In the dark on the club floor / I need to let it go / Shake it off stop thinkin’ ’bout you / I lose myself in the beat of the drum / Tryin’ try-tryin’ to forget what you done done / But honey this is a battle that you haven’t won”

…but then again, it doesn’t look like Madonna’s giving up any time soon, and at least Cher’s new single is miles better than a lot on MDNA.