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Listen: Sky Ferreira ‘American Dream’

Listen: Sky Ferreira ‘American Dream’
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  • Updated: 05 Jan, 2011

Sky Ferreira recently confirmed via Facebook that her debut album has indeed been pushed back from its intended release of early January 2011, saying that her label had decided it wasn’t as ‘done’ as previously thought. She continued:

“I am now recording even more material for the record because I feel like I’ve grown (musically) since when I was 15-16 years old. All of the songs will eventually come out because they are all important to me. I’m trying to push for an EP to come out in February too.”

A quick EP might not be such a bad idea given the steady drip of leaks from Ferreira; the latest – ‘American Dream‘ – is said to have been produced by FrankMusik, and certainly sounds a lot like him.


  • Qwerty

    I am beyond disappointed! Just a few things. One, is the above photo real? And does it even matter now if the label is throwing out all of these tracks. I really thought she’d hit it big this year, and I can’t believe she has to restart her album…

  • J9

    not sure if the above is real or fan made. Most blogs seem to think it is real. I don’t think the label will throw out all tracks, they’ll probably ditch a few and record a few more to ensure the album is good enough to be a hit.

  • untouchable

    I certainly hope they include untouchable this time. (Y)