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Listen: Janet Jackson ft. Pitbull – Heartbeat Love

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  • Updated: 20 Mar, 2011

Janet Jackson for Wonderland magazine

For the past few months Janet Jackson has been working away on her new album, which is said to focus on the dance floor. A demo of ‘Heartbeat Love‘ leaked some time ago, but now a finished version has appeared. Without doubt, the tribal beats will go down well in the clubs, but taking aside we passionately dislike Pitbull we can’t help but feel like Janet is delivering a catchy hook and breathy backing vocals on a Pitbull song.

Edit: There’s a reason why you don’t hear a lot of Janet. It’s Pitbull’s record featuring Janet. Jackon tweeted:

“Had fun guesting on Darkchild’s new record for Pitbull. Hope you like it.”

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  • Arfareth

    it looks like: Pitbull Ft. Janet Jackson

  • Dawo

    Ima Die >>Hard Janet Fan,but I dont feel it,this song is NOT my
    Janet is NOT able to make Good Music thats why she FLOPS each time=No the good old days with Jimmy and Terry are OVER. So SAD
    p.s. this song sounds like a Pitbull track,but NOT like

  • Eric

    Pitbull… Yuck! This track reeks!

    I loved the Moto Blanco mix of “Make Me” though… It’s pretty decent! Reminded me of classic Michael, which is a good thing to be reminded of sometimes…

  • Diego

    Oh Dawo… I am so sure you dont have any rhythm in your blood.. it´s such a great dance song.. this song it´s so catchy and You are so negative, she has to move to a new direction..

  • Ricanthug

    First off Dawo is f*cking retarted this is Pitbulls song and if you dont like Janet then why look it up stupid ass…Also Janet just had a number one for( Make Me) per Billboard club/dance charts making her having a number one in 4 decades so people need to do a lil research before they open they damn mouth….Janet is far from done so F*ck the haters Janets already an music Icon she has nothing to prove with the new cd out soon and the new Tyler Perry movie out April 3,2010 Janet is back

  • Mullen

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