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Leighton Meester: Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

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  • Updated: 23 Nov, 2009
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Leighton Meester does Christmas

‘Tis that time of year when the same ubiquitous Christmas songs are dusted off and played to death absolutely everywhere, so thank Santa that Leighton Meester decided to bring something semi-new to the table.

The effortlessly cool Gossip Girl star has recorded a charity cover of Darlene Love’s Motown classic ‘Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)’, and as you’d expect her melancholy take is rather more restrained than the original. (FYI, Mariah Carey also had a stab at it once.)

%tag 0 Leighton Meester: Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

‘Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)’, is featured on ‘A Very Special Christmas 7′ a charity album benefiting the Special Olympics.


  • Jessie

    Awesome song! Leighton’s voice is amazing. I also love the gorgeous ring she’s wearing on the album cover. I saw it on Judith Ripka’s website while I was holiday shopping. It suits her well… girlie glam meets rocker chic. Love it!

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