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Kylie Minogue performs ‘Loco-Motion 2012′ on Dancing With The Stars

Kylie Minogue performs ‘Loco-Motion 2012′ on Dancing With The Stars
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  • Updated: 14 Nov, 2012

Kylie Minogue performed her spruced-up version of ‘The Locomotion‘ last night at Dancing With The Stars. The Australian star was accompanied by pro dancers Kym Johnson and Tristan MacManus.

The new soulful version of the track is featured on Kylie’s new album ‘The Abbey Road Sessions‘. In our interview with the lady herself she said:

“I actually love the version on this album, because I’ve done it in so many ways, and this version comes back, not to ‘my’ version, but to the ‘60s version. It was so much fun to record – one of my favourite parts of recording was doing the ‘Do the lo, do the lo, do the loco-loco-motion’ parts with the whole band and all the engineers doing the live handclaps.”


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