Kylie Minogue on Madonna: “She’s a massive inspiration”

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  • Updated: 24 Jun, 2013

Kylie Minogue has been busy of late building her profile in America, and last week stopped by Andy Cohen’s Bravo show Watch What Happens Live. One of the callers asked her if she ever gets tired of people asking her questions about Madonna, and continuing to ask her what her favourite Madonna song is…

No, I don’t get tired of it, but I always have the same answer: that she was a massive inspiration, still is…

My favourite Madonna song? So many, but I’m particularly fond of Borderline.

I only met her twice, but we have a few friends in common, so I kind of feel like I know her. Well, we all feel like we know her a little bit, because she’s an icon, but I can’t say that I do know her.

Check out the full interview below; where she also reveals her sister Dannii Minogue might or might not be going back into the studio.


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