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Listen: Jewel ft. Kelly Clarkson – Foolish Games + Greatest Hits

Listen: Jewel ft. Kelly Clarkson – Foolish Games + Greatest Hits
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  • Updated: 01 Feb, 2013

Jewel, who shot to fame with her country-tinged piano ballads ‘Foolish Games’ and ‘Hands’ back in the mid 90s, is finally releasing a best of compilation (18 years into her career!), simply titled ‘Greatest Hits‘.

The compilation features the new single ‘Two Hearts Breaking‘ and a reworking of ‘Foolish Games‘ featuring Kelly Clarkson and ‘You Were Meant For Me‘ featuring the Pistol Annies. Take a listen to her duet with Kelly below:

Foolish Games ft. Kelly Clarkson

Two Hearts Breaking (live)


1. Who Will Save Your Soul (from Pieces of You)
2. You Were Meant for Me (from Pieces of You)
3. Foolish Games (from Pieces of You)
4. Hands (from Spirit)
5. Down So Long (from Spirit)
6. Jupiter (Swallow the Moon) (from Spirit)
7. Standing Still (from This Way)
8. Break Me (from This Way)
9. Intuition (from 0304)
10. Good Day (from Goodbye Alice in Wonderland)
11. Stronger Woman (from Perfectly Clear)
12. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (from Lullaby)
13. Satisfied (from Sweet and Wild)
14. You Were Meant for Me (featuring Pistol Annies)
15. Foolish Games (featuring Kelly Clarkson)
16. Two Hearts Breaking

‘Greatest Hits’ will be released on February 5, 2013.