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It’s MIMS o’Clock

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  • Updated: 12 Sep, 2009

Kylie can’t get a break these days. Even a winning Brit Awards performance has failed to push ‘X’ back into the top 20, while other albums by  Brit performers/winners (Amy Winehouse, Mika, Mark Ronson) have hurtled back into the top 10 despite being released ages before ‘X’.  Unbelievably, Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ currently occupies two slots in the countdown – the deluxe version at #3, and the regular edition at #12. Who the hell is still buying this record?!

But getting back on topic – yesterday ‘Wow’ was predictably cheated of its rightful place at #1, probably because every bugger’s been downloading it since before Christmas.  And now her American label has added insult to injury by shoving a pointless rap from MIMS (you may remember his 2007 hit ‘This Is Why I’m Hot’) over the top of the wasn’t-broken-&-didn’t-need-fixing ‘All I See’. Oh come on, MIMS? What, was Vanilla Ice busy or something?

This will most likely turn out to be another ‘Chocolate ft Ludacris’ (yep, it happened – but we don’t like to talk about it) or it could be a radio-conquering smash hit.  In the unlikely event of that happening we will pledge allegiance to MIMS and delete this article from the internet forever. Thank you.

Kylie ft MIMS: ‘All I See
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