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Free download: Anouk – Stardust + new album news

Free download: Anouk – Stardust + new album news
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  • Updated: 28 Dec, 2012

Dutch rock chick Anouk will be having a busy 2013. Not only will she be representing The Netherlands for Eurovision in Sweden, she will also be releasing a new album on her own label. The LP, titled ‘Sad Singalong Songs‘, is set for a release on May 17th 2013.

Anouk took to Facebook to share the news, as well as giving away an album track, ‘Stardust‘. The song, as the album title suggests, is a sad ballad and has a retro soundtrack vibe. You can download the track for free on the link below.

She did add that this was not the track she’ll be performing for Eurovision.


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