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Tulisa - debut album + singles

Discussion in 'Popstar discussions' started by Silvan, 24 Jul 2012.

  1. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    We liked 'Young', but this new track sounds somewhat dated and fails to grab our attention.

    What do you guys make of this new single?
  2. H.T.

    H.T. Disco queen

    Oh its horrendous. Showcases her vocals better than Young but in every other way it is awful. Its the sort of song a school band might play at a "prom". It makes the filler that regularly gets shovelled onto, say, a Mariah Carey or J Lopez album sound like classics. I wonder what the rest of her album's like? [Gag! shriek!]
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  3. LEWIS

    LEWIS New Member Newbie

    Shes not good with anything that comes out of her mouth (or in it for that matter)... this song is shocking!
  4. Adam73

    Adam73 New Member Newbie

    Yup, she screaches at the top of her range and although it's good she hasn't done another Ibiza/Europop song this is pretty lame, lyrically and musically. I just don't think she's a convincing solo artist.
  5. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds like a disjointed album in the making...
  6. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Here's the full video for Live It Up. The video is pretty much as what she sings 'Too much is not enough', except that too much is some times a bit tacky as well. It just doesn't look very elegant, does it?

  7. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Tulisa gives an exclusive performance of 'Skeletons' in the BBC Live Lounge. The new track is taken from her upcoming album.

    It certainly looks like her debut album will be a very diverse collection of songs...
  8. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member


    Tulisa has changed back her blonde locks for her normal brunette look on the cover of her debut solo album 'Tulisa'. The album is expected in shops on November 26th.

    Tulisa's second solo single 'Live It Up' made its debut at #11 on the Official UK Singles chart this week.

    01. Young
    02. Bitch On Heels
    03. Skeletons
    04. Chapel
    05. Get Me Outta Here
    06. Live It Up (feat Tyga)
    07. Damn
    08. Does Anyone Believe in Love
    09. This Should Say It All
    10. Counterfeit
    11. I Don’t Give A F**k
    12. T.F.B (The Female Boss)

    Deluxe edition
    13. Young (live radio 1)
    14. Titanium (live radio 1)
    15. Live It Up (live radio 1)
    16. Skeletons (live radio 1)
  9. Adam73

    Adam73 New Member Newbie

    Crikey, they've really blown the budget on the album cover haven't they (chortles)
  10. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    I wonder if it's fake, bit too much glow around Tulisa. Shoddy retouching job.
  11. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Well, here's the album preview for The Female Boss. I really don't like the sound of this album, then again she never really was my cup of tea. She (and her voice) is just a bit too brash for my liking.


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