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Toni Braxton - new album Love, Marriage & Divorce + singles

Discussion in 'Popstar discussions' started by Silvan, 17 Jun 2012.

  1. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Toni Braxton has been working on her seventh studio album, which is said to be produced by L.A. Reid. (he produced her first 4 albums).

    The album is said to feature ten songs (nine new songs with one remix) - which to me sounds a bit mean. I'm sure she can record a few more track.

    The first track premiered back in March, I Heart You.

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  2. Lee

    Lee Junior Member Newbie

    I just posted on Twitter just this week asking about where this album is?? I was expecting it to have dropped by now or the hype being high about it in anticipation about it dropping very soon, but hardly anything seems to be happening. I though the album was meant to drop soon after I Heart You was released.

    A good lead single, I just hope there are a few good ballads on the album, that would suit me nicely!
  3. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Her single did hit the top spot of the billboard dance charts this week though, although that chart does seem to be a bit obscure.

    Let's hope the album is out for Christmas, but then again her last album was serial delayed by a year, so don't hold your breath.
  4. Lee

    Lee Junior Member Newbie

    I hope it's out way before Xmas time, that is so far away! There are a lot of songs online that never made it onto her Pulse album which was a shame cuz I didn't like a lot of the songs on that album, yet these ones that were left off the album were pretty decent. I Hate Love for instance:
  5. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    What are your favourite Toni Braxton songs? Here are a few of mine.
    1. Un-break My Heart
    2. He Wasn't Man Enough
    3. Trippin (That's The Way Love Goes)
    4. Wardrobe
    5. Pulse
  6. Lee

    Lee Junior Member Newbie

    My favourites have to be..:
    1. Un-Break My Heart
    2. If I Have To Wait
    3. Yesterday
    4. He Wasn't Man Enough
    5. Please

    Those of her released ones anyway, there are a few of her unreleased ones I really like too (like I Hate Love that I posted earlier)



    It's You:
  7. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    I LOVE those unreleased tracks from her 'Pulse' album. 'Melt' is such a clasic Toni track, it even references her old tracks (how 'Madonna' of her). She is such a great vocalist and I like to hear a lot more from her!
  8. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    do love I Hate To Love You - she sounds great on that track. It's country-ish.
  9. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Toni Braxton's 'Behind The Music' documentary for VH1 sees her talk about her son's autism, her two bankruptcies, her health issues and divorce.

  10. Lee

    Lee Junior Member Newbie

    Aah, this is so sad, she's had so many knock backs and is still on top. And it also makes me lose respect of the likes of LA Reid, Babyface and Oprah…
  11. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Love and War - Single.jpg

    A different Braxton, but here's her sister, Tamar, who's back with 'Love & War'. You can get the track on iTunes and a new album will follow in 2013.

  12. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Toni Braxton talks about her acting work, but more importantly, she's talking about not releasing any more albums. I kind of get the feeling it's a publicity stunt, create some dramatic headlines to drum up some interest in her new acting career.

    “I’m falling out of love with it, it’s weird. I don’t know what to say when I hear songs. They don’t impact me.”

    I'm sure she'll get back to recording a new album though, just look at Justin Timberlake. Those transitions to acting rarely succeed and then they'll just go back to what they do best.

  13. Lee

    Lee Junior Member Newbie

    Aww, was so sad hearing this. Hopfully some of her music will come out online that she recorded last year!
  14. H.T.

    H.T. Disco queen

    She is always in a bit of a state isn't she. Doesn't appear in control of business She's been bankrupt twice so I can't imagine an evil svengali wasting time on her. I was just replaying the first single off potential album - fantastic!! Thought it was a bit shit before. She's always fabulously over airbrushed and photoshopped (if that still exists) in her photos - tits, waist, haiir face, height - superhero. The shot of her being interviewed on tele was an eye opener - much darker skin, face so over filled with various fillers that she looks like a fat teenager embarrassed by her huge drooping breasts which just makes her look fat as tits and belly form one shapeless mass under her nice jumper. She should tell her dodgy fella to f' off and surround herself with a gay entourage which will ensure she looks "fierce, bitch!" but also get a smile on her face - and me might get a few dance tracks instead of endless whining about her been dumped, weak and feeble. And stop her spunking her dollars up the wall!!!
  15. Lee

    Lee Junior Member Newbie

    The fact that she was bankrupt twice wasn't her fault, once because the record contract made it so she hardly saw any of the money she earnt when her cheque came through and the other because she was diagnosed with lupus just at the time she was renewing all kinds of contracts for her shows. So I think it would be a little unfair to hold both her bankruptcy against her and her looks, she looks quite good, especially considering her condition and being a 45 year old mother, in my opinion at least.

    Say what you want about her music but taking into account all the bad luck and hard times she's been though in her life and career she is a pretty amazing person, someone to admire, still pushing though with a career and being a mother of 2, one of which has autism, while having an illness as serious as lupus, commendable.
  16. H.T.

    H.T. Disco queen

    I didn't hold her bankruptcies against her. The first was clearly she had crooked business managers and, like many performers before and after her, did not read her contracts. She is reported to have made $1,900 from her first album. If you research her you will see a trail of rather unpleasant court cases, blaming everyone but herself. Re the lupus, she pulled out of her very lucrative contract due to ill health but this didn't stop her participating in Dancing with the stars shortly after. She filed for bankruptcy again with debts of between $10m and $50m. She was charged with trying to illegally transferring assets to her former husband. She also sued her business manager but ended up having to pay him $375,000 plus 2% of future royalties. A spell of ill health does not lead to those sort of debts. Being a mother of 2 children one of whom has autism is nothing special. She sold alot of records, won awards and a few of her songs were good. She is definitely not a person to admire nor is she amazing

    If you are in the public eye, then I'm afraid your looks will attract attention, especially when you have played on those looks in the past. I understand that you feel aggrieved when one of your favourites is criticised but sometimes you stand back and take the blinkers off. If you don't know anything about facial surgery / enhancements, then you may not see it. But of course you can see the top. I admit I put too much emphasis on looks but the gradual changes in celebrities are fascinating to me.

    oni Braxton has done it again and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy for the 2nd time in a decade. She has amassed a massive amount of debt somewhere in the range of $10-50 million according toTMZ. As a result of the bankruptcy filing, she will have to divide her assets that lie somewhere between $1-$10 million in assets with various creditors. Thus, it’s safe to say for every dollar Toni made, she was spending between 2.5 to 5 times the amount.
    No surprises here. When one has to file for bankruptcy, it indicates financial irresponsibility. While there are exceptions, it’s rarely excusable. Toni blamed her first bankruptcy on her record label. When you start solely blaming your money issues on someone that isn’t yourself, you’re shifting the responsibility of something that is your priority to monitor. It is no one’s job but Toni Braxton’s to take care of her money. Since she failed to take the responsibility, she repeated the same mistake.
    A broke system doesn’t fix itself. As long as it’s broken, you’ll continue to get broken results. Toni Braxton has an excessive spending habit on luxury goods. The partial list of creditors reveals it all:
    – AT&T
    – The Four Seasons Hotels
    – Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
    – Various medical bills
    – DirecTV
    – Neiman Marcus
    – The William Morris Agency
    – Tiffany & Co.
    – Orkin Pest Control
    – The Internal Revenue Service
    – BMW Financial Services
    – ADT Security
    – American Express
    – Flamingo Las Vegas
    – Mesa Air Conditioning
    – Nevada Power Company
    – Screen Actors Guild
    – The Westin
    – Wells Fargo Bank

    With a range of creditors from staple services to luxury retailers, it’s evident Toni gave no thought to keeping a budget. Opting to buy jewelry over keeping your phone, hospital, and power bills paid shows that your money problems have nothing to do with others and more to do with yourself.
    Let this be a wakeup call. Toni, let’s see what happens in another ten years.
  17. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    she has a great voice and enough talent to have another go at her career, but I guess it comes down if she's really all that bothered. I don't get the impression she is.

    She's slowly creeping into Kerry Katona's car-crash reality personality territory.
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  18. H.T.

    H.T. Disco queen

    i apologise for my smart ass comments. She's a great diva, done some classics and i hope she can find success and happiness. Whats happened to me?! I'll be saying Timberlake is super talented and gorgeous (gag! retch!) next
  19. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Right, Toni Braxton has reunited with her old mentor Babyface. New music is expected in September and presumably she has signed a deal with Motown records...

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  20. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    So, Toni Braxton and Babyface's duets album 'Love, Marriage & Divorce' won't be released in December, but has now been pushed back to February 2014, to coincide with Valentine's Day.

    Yeah, like an album with 'divorce' in the title and lead single 'Hurt You' is going to fly off the shelves, just in time for Valentine's...

    Following the success of their #3 Urban AC smash duet single “Hurt You” on Motown Records, multi-platinum superstars Toni Braxton and Babyface have now scheduled the release of LOVE, MARRIAGE & DIVORCE, their first album of duets together, for February 4th, 2014, just in time for Valentine’s Day gift-giving.​

    Still think Hurt You is a great track.

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