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Robyn confirms new album

Discussion in 'Popstar discussions' started by Silvan, 5 Nov 2012.

  1. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    It doesn't look like there will be a new Robyn album anytime soon, however she is about to go back into the studio. Check out some quotes from her interview with BBC Newsbeat:

    Robyn released 'Body Talk' back in 2010.

  2. H.T.

    H.T. Disco queen

    Robyn released her last album in 2 parts and it contained 2 all time classics (Dancing on my own and Hang with Me). Virtually all the rest of it was total shit. She better get her head out of her arse this time
  3. Lasse

    Lasse Guest

    What the f*ck? Aprox 0 % of the shit you just wrote is accurate.
  4. H.T.

    H.T. Disco queen

    What a little charmer! How about giving your opinion on Robyn's last 2 part album. I do like Robyn as she pushes the boundaries, but I don't know why she released 2 albums with lots of filler when she could've released 1 pretty good album, including 2 classics plus Tell Your Girlfriend and some other good tracks. I look forward to hearing your views but just slag me off if you prefer
  5. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Robyn talks to Pitchfork about her recent tour and her upcoming album, touring and her favourite audience.

  6. Neil

    Neil Guest

  7. DYlancat

    DYlancat Guest

    Althoguh there are a couple of tracks more production than song, I think she deserves more than 'most of it was shit.'

    And we got 3 parts in UK, although I would personally edit down the three into one mega album. You'd have to include Indestructible on that - one of her best...
  8. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    While we still wait for that new album, check out this video where Robyn talks about a robot made by Swedish tech university KTH.

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