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Girls Aloud - Ten + Something New

Discussion in 'Popstar discussions' started by Silvan, 12 May 2012.

  1. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Nadine Coyle has tweeted she's in the studio recording music with Brian Higgins and Xenomania. Let's hope she's recording some new material for Girls Aloud, who will be celebrating their 10th anniversary later this year with a tour.


    Back in March Nadine did give some details:


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  2. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Earlier today Xenomania tweeted, but later removed:


  3. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    A brief mention by Cheryl Cole at 5:25', who partied with Nadine this weekend. Nadine is in the UK for a few weeks (which must mean she's recording new music!)

  4. Geraint

    Geraint Administrator Newbie

    I think it's going to sound a bit like Florrie-meets-the new Gossip album. New Florrie EP is here, by the way, if you haven't heard: http://florrie.com/
  5. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    oh, I wouldn't mind a disco tune. I love the new Gossip album, think Xenomania/Gossip did a very nice job at that.
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  6. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Nicola talks a bit about the Girls Aloud reunion, but doesn't give anything away...

  7. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Loving the single and album artwork for the new best of. So much better than the cheap looking greatest hits they released a few years back.

    Here's the tracklisting - looks like the album features 4 new tracks. The deluxe version of the album will feature 10 b-sides, album tracks and live performances as voted by the fans.

    01. Something New
    02. The Promise
    03. The Loving Kind
    04. Untouchable
    05. Sexy? No No No…
    06. Call The Shots”
    07. Can’t Speak French
    08. Something Kinda Ooooh
    09. Biology
    10. The Show
    11. Love Machine
    12. I’ll Stand By You
    13. Jump
    14. No Good Advice
    15. Sound Of The Underground
    16. On The Metro
    17. Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me
    18 Every Now And Then

    Release Date: : November 26, 2012


  8. kjc

    kjc New Member Newbie

    Everything seems more polished this time! I want a royal f*ck up soon. It's not a proper GA release without something shambolic.
  9. Billy3010

    Billy3010 New Member Newbie

    Loving the new single but the whole thing smells of 'cash in' - the 'we will wait to see what the reaction is like' before they confirm if a new studio album is recorded/released!! It's simply not gonna happen in my opinion.

    Ten, well it's not the whole story is it? Missing single releases (Wake Me Up, See The Day, Whole Lotta History, Think We're alone now etc) - they may be included in the Deluxe edition?? Why not just do a double CD for general release and fill up disc 2 with the singles that are missed out, additional remixes or notable B-Sides?
  10. Eros

    Eros Junior Member Newbie

    a lot of the missed out singles weren't that good. It's a good move to have a set of really strong singles + a few new ones for the general audience (they won't care if not all of the singles are included). If people want those other singles, they can buy them on iTunes.

    The deluxe edition features b-sides/remixes/live performances as voted for by the fans, so you got your wish there!

    I doubt they'll do another album. Some of the girls might be interested, but I don't think Cheryl is that bothered. If they were, do you think they should record only with Xenomania, or should they try a new sound?
  11. andymc35

    andymc35 Junior Member Newbie

    I'd say stick with Xenomania, to me its a match made in Heaven. With or without Cheryl, it would be nice if they carried on - although I think Cheryl needs them, judging by the lukewarm reaction to A Million Lights.
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  12. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    And the tracklisting for the 2nd disc, as voted by the fans has been revealed. Are you happy with the choices below?

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  13. amir

    amir New Member Newbie

    i think it couldn't be more perfect then this..
    Swinging London Town, Girl Overboard, Hoxton Heroes, Graffiti My Soul!!

    really amazing nothing bad to say :)
  14. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Love the Fred Falke remix of Something New. Wonder when we get to hear the other three tracks from Ten.

    Girls Aloud - Something New (Fred Falke Remix)

    Girls Aloud - Something New (Manhattan Clique Remix)
  15. amir

    amir New Member Newbie

    yes very good remixes! i love this Jim Eliot remix... giving the kimba\nicola vers the respect its entitled to! :)

  16. H.T.

    H.T. Disco queen

    I'm really pleased they're back together - reminds me how good some of their stuff was. Don't care if its a "cash in" finale - they deserve it. If there is new album then I also hope will be xenomania. I'm so fu*cked off as the sound on my computer plus itunes have been buggered for over a week so can't hear the clips! But the visuals are great. (and I bet Cheryl is extremely keen to be involved with the band right now given her blundering recent career]
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  17. Marcus

    Marcus New Member Newbie

    I absolutely LOVE this! Such a great ballad for the girls, i'm impressed! less Nadine is a great idea in my opinion. Nicola Roberts is perfection <3 Loved their performance of the song on Children In Need aswell <3
  18. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    i wonder if they should try and do more music without Xenomania. They've done some great stuff with them, but they haven't really moved on their sound. That said, I'm not that keen on the ballad above, which was written and produced by Rachel Moulden.
  19. Marcus

    Marcus New Member Newbie

    I dunno to be honest, but if they do end up doing another album it would be nice if they did something a tad different :)
  20. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    Take a listen to 'On The Metro', one of the other new tracks on their greatest hits. It's very Girls Aloud; not sure if it would do well as a single, but it's very enjoyable.


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