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General Steps Discussion

Discussion in 'Popstar discussions' started by andymc35, 15 May 2012.


How would you like Steps to continue?

  1. Original Album

    5 vote(s)
  2. Christmas Covers Album

    1 vote(s)
  3. Release nothing

    0 vote(s)
  1. andymc35

    andymc35 Junior Member Newbie

    So the subject of new material has been rumoured for a while now and I've been keeping my fingers crossed for a new Steps album of original tracks (and maybe a few Dancing Queen/Chain Reaction style covers), but this talk of a Christmas covers album is so disappointing. It's limited to a few weeks in December, then it will be forgotten about.

    The only positive thing, I guess, is that Steps are going to continue. Although a flop Xmas album might bring the band to an abrupt end.
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  2. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    I never really got Steps (I wasn't living in the UK at the time) and find their music a bit too simple. However Christmas couldn't be camper with a Steps Christmas album, so I probably would enjoy a Yuletide single.
  3. Ross

    Ross New Member Newbie

    I find it a strange move considering in the first season of Steps Reunion, they were talking about moving in a more dance direction and that 'Dancing Queen' was more of a bookend to their older sound. If they want a future, I think they should reinvent their sound like Take That did. Spice Girls tried to capture their old sound with their new songs and well..... that kinda backfired....
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  4. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    I think I might have read on PopBitch they spoke to a few record labels, but none of them were interested. I personally can't really see them going modern, let alone 'edgy', so a Christmas album is quite a good idea, at least Christmas is camp as it stands :)
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  5. andymc35

    andymc35 Junior Member Newbie

    Yeah, I'm sure there was something about Sony offering them a deal after the Ultimate album went to Number 1, but supposedly they were too indecisive about carrying on and the author was withdrawn. I'm sure Dean Piper mentioned it.

    I think Steps are past it as a singles band, but album sales wise I think they could still do well. A fusion of their cheesier pop past with some some more modern sounding dance tracks would work a treat. Boyzone & Take That are definitely good examples for them.

    I would still buy a Steps' Christmas album - I can already hear their version of Mariah's All I Want For Christmas.
  6. Geraint

    Geraint Administrator Newbie

    It's difficult to judge how much the individual members want to carry this thing on, from the Sky series. How can you trust it? For all we know, they get on brilliantly. The show may lead you to believe otherwise, but the show also attempts to create tension about a tour that started ages ago!
  7. H.T.

    H.T. Disco queen

    Christmas covers just sounds awful. I never liked their covers as they always had the thinnest production. Their own stuff sounds fine. There is a groundswell of people that love cheesy pop and dance. I say they get a couple of decent writers in, get it produced by Ian Stephenson or someone and take a stand. I accept v difficult market wise as 10 year olds don't listen to steps-like bands now, they listen to Rhiannon and professor Green - so they need to think about their target market. Well there's me but other than that it is a tricky conundrum. Peter Andre sold fair few awful albums of back of his reality show....dunno. But not Xmas, please!!
  8. andymc35

    andymc35 Junior Member Newbie

    Their newly recorded Dancing Queen track sounded typical Steps, so even if they recorded an album of retro pop sounding tracks, I would be more than happy. Surely Pete Waterman isn't up to much. Even one new Steps-PWL track would be heavenly.
  9. H.T.

    H.T. Disco queen

    My masterplan for them is to raid the mass of classic euro disco that was not a hit in UK. They can choose from thousands of amazing songs, modernise a bit but keep the gay eurodisco sound - couple of covers. Stick to their guns but go more gay and adult and pull along some non-gays with them. They could tour in Europe where originals were hits and where steps had a few hits. Then come back to UK and do a TV show to find a 6th step or some shit - they would have live material of the new songs so show could mostly focus on those rather than old stuff. Claire better stop f'ing whining though and Lee should a) be more entertaining and b) wear only speedos. 2 examples of fab eurodisco below. Note Joy are possibly the ugliest group ever so shut your eyes and listen!!

    CC Catch - Soul Survivor

    Joy- Touch by Touch
  10. afrmx

    afrmx New Member

    So what do you think?
    I've never been quite a fan of Steps...
  11. H.T.

    H.T. Disco queen

    Really like it!!!!!!
  12. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    one of my friends described is as 'if Steps would do a Bond theme, it would have sounded like 'Light Up The World'. It's a bit cheesy, but a lot better than what hey normally release.
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  13. andymc35

    andymc35 Junior Member Newbie

    Light Up The World is at #43 on UK iTunes, so that has already way surpassed my expectations. I think it's quite tame for a Steps track though, I wish it had been a little more danceable. It's nice though, and I say that as a big Steps fan!
  14. Billy3010

    Billy3010 New Member Newbie

    I really like the single - they sound great on it. I have a love/hate relationship with steps, dont like H, Lisa and Lee but love Faye and Clare. I think Clare has an amazing voice.

    The xmas album is kinda, blah! I suppose it links in well with their xmas tour. Looking at the track listing there are a few original songs on there but I want a full-on steps 'pop' album - whatever shape that may take. But at least they are recording together, so hopefully that isn't out of the question?
  15. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    ermm... a Steps perfume (apparently it's called Steps Guilty Pleasure)? That kind of scares me. But I do like the jolly sound of their Christmas album.
  16. andymc35

    andymc35 Junior Member Newbie

    My copy arrived today. I've got to say that I've been totally one over by it. It feels slightly more easy listening than traditional Steps but it's a refreshing new sound for them. Their cover of History Is Made At Night is stunning, so is It May Be Winter Outside - while there are a couple of tracks like Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) still show their fun, dancy side.

    Fingers crossed that it sells respectably, I'd hate them to flop before they've had the chance to start on new material for next year.
  17. Silvan

    Silvan Administrator Staff Member

    just been listening to some samples on Amazon. It's quite jolly, but not sure if I would buy it. Actually, I think I've only ever bought one Christmas album (New Kids On The Block, erm...) and realised how short the life span is and how cheesy they tend to be.

    here's a link to a preview:
  18. andymc35

    andymc35 Junior Member Newbie

    I'm concerned that the poor chart performance of the album might lead to them giving up after their Xmas tour. With a #1 Greatest Hits album earlier in the year, I have a feeling that they will all have been expecting a much higher position than #32 -and going by the Sky Living documentaries, it always felt like most of the band weren't fully committed to the reunion.

    Hopefully this isn't the case, as prior to the release of LUTW they were reportedly looking for producers for an album of original material.

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