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Boyz II Men feat. Nadine Coyle ‘Back For Good’

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  • Updated: 21 Oct, 2009

While Girls Aloud take a break and Cheryl Cole fights for your love, her bandmate Nadine Coyle has apparently been recording Take That covers with…Boyz II Men?!

Your guess is as good as ours, readers…


  • onion


  • hayley
  • MarioBerg

    I usually don

  • TheNeilo

    What a way to degrade Boyz 11 men!!!

  • h

    I like it but then i would :D

  • Silvan

    bless – but even as a Nadine Coyle fan, you must agree she should go solo with something fierce. Not a slushy cover.

  • saot

    nadine sounds amazing
    i love hr so much

  • Ayo

    Nadine really doesn’t sound that good here. I’m a bit disappointed

  • nad

    it was only a demo in some recording booth. it isnt ment for relsease i think its brilliant for a demo there no sound changes. its like live. go nadine

  • Gary

    She still has a fantastic voice, demo or not.

  • Jamie

    This wasn’t actually supposed to be released, it’s just a demo that got leaked. You people need to stop acting like it’s her new single or something!

  • hannah

    have u ever heard a woman sing so good shes unbelievable my idol <3

    love yew nadine xx

  • kellie

    i know this is not her new song but i think its brilliant better singer than cherly any day best singer in girls aloud she has done the irish proud

  • makidesyo

    The comment above is stupid, of course it isn’t.