Latest X Factor news, videos from the auditions, live performances, gossip and of course the latest releases by the contestants like Cher Lloyd, Little Mix, boybands JLS & One Direction and the very first winner Leona Lewis.

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    X-Factor semi finals: a round up

    In case you didn’t Sky+ the performances, here’s an overview of X-Factor ’s semi finals (show 9). Alexandra Burke Don’t Stop The Music; great choice, she shows she can dance and sing. Un-break My Heart; Alexandra is such a professional. She works it. Well, maybe not that jump suit. Diana Vickers White...

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    Diana Vickers – Does she know what she’s singing?

    Diana Vickers, one of the contestants on the X-Factor, most of the times doesn’t seem to know what she is singing. Here’s a subtitled version. What do you think?

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    X-Factor round up + Britney performance

    With Britney Spears performing on the X-Factor this evening, each of the contestants had to perform one of her hits. The popstar’s performance of ‘Womanizer’, was identical to her appearances at the Bambi Awards and Star Academy, so let’s hope she’ll do something new next week on the ‘Good Morning America Show’....

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    Take That week on The X-Factor

    It was Take That week on the X-Factor this week, which meant the man-band kicked off the show with a performance of their new single ‘Greatest Day’. And our favourite Alexandra Burke gave a great rendition of their song ‘Relight My Fire’. We love her enthusiasm and lack of drama. Take That’s...

  • Music news
    Run-gate: Confusion Over Lack Of Leona Single

    Last weekend, Leona Lewis silenced any remaining doubters with a spell-binding X Factor performance of her Snow Patrol cover, ‘Run’. The song was expected to be made available as a single this week, but UK fans were left disappointed when the song failed to appear anywhere in legitimate digital or physical format....

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    X-Factor: We Heart Alexandra Burke

    After following the contestants on the X-Factor for a few weeks now, we’re officially loving Alexandra Burke. Tonight she performed ‘On The Radio’ by Donna Summer and was joined on stage by a troupe of oiled up hot men. In case you missed her last week’s show, here’s her performance of Christina...

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    Same Difference: Pop (preview)

    Do we really need another Steps? A pointless question, really, given that the tween market Same Difference are being targeted at won’t even remember them. If this sounds like your bag, you can listen to clips (We R One, All The Roads Lead To Heaven, Better Love, I Need a House, If...

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    Sweet Sweet Kylie

    Remember way back in 2007 when Kylie performed with Leon on X Factor and basically won the whole thing for him?  We should thank her for that – if Same Difference had won they’d probably still be at number one. If Rhydian had snatched victory he might have rushed out an awful...

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    The new Leon(a)

    Hard to know how to feel about this one. Yes, Same Difference will hopefully now vanish into obscurity, and Rhydian is justifiably bound for West End fame, but really, who cares about Leon? Well, enough people (i.e. Scotland) to vote him into first place on X Facor, that’s who. We at WAPS...

  • Music news
    Kylie finally Wows

    Thank god she finally puts 2Hearts to bed. The comeback single that never really did… Here’s Kylie performing her new single Wow at the X-Factor finals.

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