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    Video: James Arthur ‘Impossible’

    Who’d have thought that this year’s winning X Factor single would be a Shontelle cover? Well it...

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    Video: Shontelle ‘Say Hello To Goodbye’

    Shontelle’s ‘No Gravity’ album was a big favourite of ours towards the end of 2010, though we’d...

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    WAPS finally counts down our 50 tracks of the year!

    Everyone knows the importance of being fashionably late, which is why we’re publishing our list of 2010’s...

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    Video: Shontelle ‘Perfect Nightmare’

    We feel like we haven’t banged on enough about how brilliant Shontelle is. Well now. In case you didn’t know, her ‘No Gravity’ album is ACE. Certain miserable sources are predicting the worst after her record charted at #53 in the US, but we think there’s more to come from this girl....

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    Preview Shontelle’s ‘Perfect Nightmare’

    After a few false starts, Shontelle‘s new album ‘No Gravity‘ was finally released this week.Yay! With just 9 tracks (plus a remix of her previous hit T Shirt) it’s a slick, fat-free pop album that doesn’t try to be edgy but consistently delivers single-worthy tunes. Below is a short video preview of...

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    Shontelle drops new single ‘Perfect Nightmare’ and talks duet with Rihanna

    Barbadian pop star Shontelle is ramping up the promo campaign for her forthcoming album ‘No Gravity‘ – she’s about to release the single ‘Impossible‘ in the UK on 30th August, but the follow up ‘Perfect Nightmare‘ is already making waves across the internet. ‘Perfect Nightmare‘ was produced by Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins and...

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    Shontelle’s album art appears online

    Barbadian pop star Shontelle has unveiled the artwork to her forthcoming album ‘No Gravity’ – which by the sounds of the album sampler on iHeartRadio, is shaping up to be a brilliant pop album. No Gravity is due out on August 24, and will feature singles ‘Licky (Under The Covers)‘ and ‘Impossible’.

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    Shontelle: Impossible (video)

    Barbadian pop star Shontelle is having lots of arguments with Steph Jones (Jordin Sparks’ real life boyfriend) in her latest video ‘Impossible‘ – which will serve as the first US single from her second album No Gravity.

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    Video: Shontelle – ‘Licky (Under The Covers)’

    ‘Licky (Under The Covers)‘ by Shontelle borrows a bit from Britney’s ‘Radar’, Flo-rida’s ‘Right Round’ and Madonna’s ‘Revolver’, and mixes them up with a raunchy chorus. Nothing too original, but  still quite enjoyable.

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    Brillo ballad alert: Shontelle ‘Impossible’

    Remember that ‘T Shirt‘ girl, Shontelle? She’s coming back with new material in 2010. Here’s a Stargate-produced number entitled ‘Impossible’, which is set to be a US single (the UK will get ‘Licky‘.)

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    Shontelle ft Akon: ‘Stuck With Each Other’

    The chavtastically named Shontelle has a new song with Akon in the pipeline – it’s quite nice suppose, until Mr. Crazy Frog voice rears his irritating head. And have they completely stolen the beat from Beyonce‘s ‘Irreplaceable’? Yes. Yes they have. You better hope Sasha Fierce doesn’t find out about this Shontelle,...

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