Natasha Bedingfield

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    VH1 Divas Live performances

    VH1 threw a big dance party in Los Angeles last night. Their latest instalment of Divas Live...

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    Video – Natasha Bedingfield ‘Touch’

    Natasha Bedingfield‘s ‘Touch’ appeared back in May and we seem to recall thinking it was quite nice… but now we’re finding it hard to get past the sheer volume of lyrics. Could she cram any more words into this song? Watch the newly premiered video for ‘Touch‘ and you’ll see what we...

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    Listen to new Natasha Bedingfield track ‘Touch’

    We’d forgotten all about Natasha Bedingfield, but it appears that her music career is still going – a new song  entitled ‘Touch’ has just been placed on US iTunes. The track has a nice chorus and summery feel, but the typically OTT lyrics in the verse may be off-putting to some. Have...

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    United State of Pop 2008

    Tis the time to make lists, and DJ Earworm has created a monster mash up of the top 25 (Billboard) hits of the year. It might not be the most radio friendly piece of music, but give it a try and see how many you can pick up.

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