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    Lyric Video: Muse ‘Follow Me’

    Muse have released a lyric video for ‘Follow Me‘, their third single from new album ‘The 2nd...

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    Video: Muse ‘Madness’

    Muse’s new single ‘Madness‘ definitely sounds like a slowed-down ‘Faith’ crossed with ‘I Want To Break Free’,...

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    Watch: Muse unveil ‘Madness’ lyric video

    Muse have released a lyric video for ‘Madness‘, the second track to be lifted from their new...

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    Listen: Muse ‘Survival’ (Official London 2012 Olympic Games Song)

    Muse have just premiered ‘Survival‘, a brand new song from their forthcoming sixth studio album ‘The 2nd...

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    New Muse from the Twilight Saga: Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) – VIDEO

    Muse premiered their latest single ‘Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)‘ on Radio 1 yesterday evening. The new track is featured on the soundtrack to the latest instalment in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The song is available to purchase as a digital download from the band’s official website. The video below features...

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    Video: Muse ‘Resistance’

    ‘Resistance’ is the third single to be lifted from Muse‘s fifth studio album, ‘The Resistance’. It’s all about that ‘the’, kids. ‘Resistance’ is released on February 22nd 2010,  with the video being shot in Madrid last November.

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    Pop Sirens Presents The 50 Greatest Pop Songs Of 2009!

    It’s been a busy year in pop, and Pop Sirens has been delighted to guide you through it! Looking back over our articles prompted us to compile a rundown of 2009’s best pop songs – you know, because there really aren’t enough lists flying around at the moment…and with this in mind,...

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    Muse ‘Undisclosed Desires’ (Video)

    ‘Undisclosed Desires’ is the second single to be taken from Muse‘s fifth studio album, ‘The Resistance’. A fine choice, and much better than lead single ‘The Uprising’ in our opinion.

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    Muse: ‘Undisclosed Desires’ (live on Jools Holland)

    Stop what you are doing for a moment and just imagine Leona Lewis singing this. It would so totally work, right? Or are we mental? Muse’s new album ‘The Resistance’ is out now – go and buy it before Vera Lynn beats them to the top spot.

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    Muse ‘Uprising’ (video)

    Muse‘s new album ‘The Resistance’ is out now – go and buy it. Matt Bellamy is currently having a rather interesting chat with Lily Allen about illegal file sharing, FYI.

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    2 VERY GOOD songs from Muse’s new album, ‘The Resistance’

    Undisclosed Desires: MK Ultra: Muse ‘The Resistance’ is released on Monday.

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    Muse ‘The Uprising’ (Single)

    The first new material from Muse since 2006’s ‘Black Holes and Revelations’ is beginning to surface. The band have unveiled a Queen-esque ‘piece’ entitled ‘United States of Eurasia‘ online – taken from their new album ‘The Resistance’ – and now new single ‘The Uprising’ has leaked in full. It’s not quite the...

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