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    Cyndi Lauper: Time After Time on American Idol (live)

    And here is Cyndi Lauper‘s performance on American Idol. She teamed up with contestant Allison Iraheta. To us it sounds a bit like a sing-off…

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    Cyndi Lauper: Here and There (new song)

    Cyndi Lauper is playing a role in new Serbian movie ‘Here and There’, which features two interconnected stories from different continents. A depressed New Yorker (Cyndi’s real life husband David Thornton) tries to make quick cash and ends up in Serbia (as you do), but instead of money he finds his soul....

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    New Dragonette Single & Free Download “Fixin To Thrill”

    Despite wide critical praise and a fair amount of hype, Dragonette‘s 2007 debut Galore failed to set the charts alight.  They’ll be back later this year with a more ‘masculine-sounding’ second album (August/September), but in the meantime, they’re giving away their new single ‘Fixin’ To Thrill’. Download ‘Fixin’ To Thrill’ PS Dragonette...

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    New Cyndi Lauper video: Girls Just Wanna Set Your Heart

    Track down that stray bottle of half-empty poppers before you attempt this hi-tempo – and slightly painful – Cyndi Lauper mash up. The mash up of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun‘ and ‘Set Your Heart‘ was apparently made for Japan, and if you’ve heard the bonkers dance music they play in the...

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    Cyndi Lauper gets us to the floor

    Japanese Cyndi Lauper fans rejoice! The kooky lady is set to release dancefloor compilation ‘Floor Remixes’, featuring remixes taken from her latest album ‘Bring Ya To The Brink’, plus some of her classics thrown in. One of the tracks set for a release is ‘Girls Just Wanna Set Your Heart‘, which is...

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    The Hives and Cyndi Lauper: A Christmas Duel

    Christmas comes early this year. The duet by The Hives and Cyndi Lauper ‘A Christmas Duel’ has leaked. It’s a light-hearted song, showing off Cyndi’s rockier side.

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    Cyndi Lauper and The Hives to team up for Xmas

    Pitchfork reports that Cyndi Lauper and The Hives have recorded a Christmas themed song called ‘A Christmas Duel’. The unusual collaboration hits the Hives’ website as a free download from November 28th -30th, and will be physically released on December 1st. In a statement, the Hives note, “It may sound weird and...

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    The Killers cover Cyndi Lauper

    Cyndi Lauper’s classic ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ has been covered to death, but The Killers manage to pull it off at Glasvegas in Islington’s tiny Union Chapel.

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    Cyndi Lauper on ‘Bring Ya To The Brink’

    After that Miley Cyrus debacle, we just felt like writing something about Cyndi Lauper. Her back-on-form-album ‘Bring...

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    She’s done it this time: Miley Cyrus angers Pop Sirens

    First she angered middle-America with her ‘racy’ photo shoot for Vanity Fair (even though she looked like...

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